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HNN Announces New Radio Show “Business, Networking And You With HNN”

Houston, TX (March 3, 2009) — HNN (Houston Networking News) proudly announces a milestone in Houston radio with the beginning of a new radio show focusing on business networking. “Business, Networking And You With HNN” will offer listeners the opportunity to enrich both their professional and personal lives through the powerful tool of networking. The show will be heard on CNN650 AM on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:00- 3:00 p.m. starting on Wednesday, March 4th.

Background information- (HNN) Houston Networking News was founded in 2003 to provide business professionals a collective source for all business networking activities in the Greater Houston area. Because of the initial positive response to HNN and the expressed desire for HNN members to network with each other, HNN developed and conducts a series of its own business networking functions across 17 regions in the Greater Houston area, in addition to supporting those of other organizations. It has thus become a unique eclectic organization that appeals to the business and social needs of ANY business professional interested in networking in Houston. HNN currently has over 5,000 member contacts with getting approximately 250,000 hits per month from interested Houston business professionals.

A tireless community supporter, HNN supports the networking activities of more than 350 organizations and the event calendar contains more than 650 networking activities each month from many different organizations all over Houston.

As a complement to its web site and networking events, HNN also publishes a weekly e-newsletter to over 30,000 Houston business professionals. This e-newsletter provides information on key events as well as networking hints and other pertinent information.

HNN was designed with one premise in mind: supporting Houston professionals through business networking. HNN’s goals are to help professionals achieve their goals, build their bottom line and develop lasting relationships.

For more information, contact R.D. Yoder at or call 281-778-6661.

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