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Divine Performing Arts to Dazzle Houston Audience

Divine Performing Arts to Dazzle Houston Audience

Divine Performing Arts (DPA) brings to life classical Chinese dance and music in a gloriously colorful and exhilarating show. Its masterful choreography and graceful routines light up the stage, with gorgeously costumed dancers moving in stunning patterns. Based on ancient heroic legends and modern courageous tales, the charm of a DPA show is not to be missed.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring entertainment of this caliber to the community,” says Kitty Wang. “The show promises to be as educational as it is entertaining, and should appeal to the whole family as well as a wide range of people. You could travel all the way to China and never see this kind of quality.”

An unprecedented collaboration of leading Chinese dancers, choreographers, and musicians, Divine Performing Arts seeks to breathe new life into traditional Chinese culture and provide an experience of sublime beauty. Based in New York, the company is a nonprofit entity that is consciously independent of China’s political regime, under which the traditional arts have long suffered; included among DPA’s members are those who practice Falun Gong. The company has broken ground by giving artistic treatment in its shows to not only classical themes and tales, but also important social issues in contemporary China.

Last year DPA performed for some 600,000 live audience members as it toured 66 cities around the world. The company has previously sold out Radio City Music Hall. Its shows have been called by critics “superb,” “resplendent,” “inspired,” and “wonderfully positive.”

“The performances by DPA not only tell us a great deal about the values and ideals of China’s past,” says Kitty Wang, “but also about what is happening in China today. It truly is a world-class performance that is remarkably uplifting.”

The US Southern Falun Dafa Association is delighted to bring Divine Performing Arts, the world’s premier Chinese dance and music company, to Houston, on December 22 and 23, 2008. Show times are 8:00 PM, at the Jones Hall, with tickets starting at $30.

From the US Southern Falun Dafa Association
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