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Trailblazers Awards Banquet at Ever Ready Lodge # 506

The Seventh Annual Trailblazers Awards Banquet was held on Friday, October 24, 2008 – 7:00 pm at the Quail Run Community Center, 16748 Quail Park Drive, Missouri City, Texas. The Honorable Grand Master, Wilbert M. Curtis, Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas was the honored guest. The guest speaker was the Honorable Judge Belinda Hill, Harris County 230th District Criminal Court.

The Trailblazers Award is given to nominated individuals who have demonstrated leadership and initiative in their chosen profession while making a commitment to meet the critical needs of individuals and groups in their communities.

Ever Ready Masonic Lodge #506, Free and Accepted Masons – Prince Hall Affiliated was established in February 1924 in Rosenberg, Texas. Proceeds from this event are used to support programs such as the Robert E. Connor Youth Camp, Thomas H. Routt Scholarship Fund, Knights of Pythagoras Youth Camp, Ft. Bend Women’s Center and food and clothing drives in the Fort Bend and Harris County areas.

Contact Committee Chair Clarence Douglas @ 713-542-8106 for more information.

The History of Ever Ready Lodge # 506

Ever Ready Lodge # 506 was organized on July 17, 1924. The late A. W. Jackson was the first Worshipful Master. The Lodge served all eligible men the surrounding County and cities including Needville and Rosenberg. During the 40’s, the Lodge grew rapidly with membership predominately from Needville, Texas. Master Masons Jackson and Will Routt together organized a Lodge in Needville. Most of the men who resided in Needville joined the newly formed Lodge-named Routt’s Pride.

Present records indicate the following Brothers served as Worshipful Masters of Ever Ready Lodge # 506: A. W. Jackson 1924-1931; P. L. Lawrence 1931-1935; N. A. Smiley 1935-1936; A. W. Jackson again 1936-1937; Earnest Grant 1937-1938; Will Routt 1938-1949; Carl Newsome 1949-1954; Sherman Wilson 1954-1975; Thomas H. Routt 1975-1981, {who was the sitting State District Judge of District Court 208}. Herman L. Gabriel 1981-1994; Jeremiah Smith 1994-1998; James E. Hooper 1998-2001; Clarence B. Douglas 2001-2002; Floyd W. Heard 2002-2005; Robert E. Willis, Jr. 2005-2007; and our present Worshipful Master, Darryl W. Mills 2007-present. During the period of 1981 through 1994 construction began on the new Lodge Hall at our present site. During the next ten years, most of the finishing touches were put on the new Hall with the help of James E. Hooper, Reginald Best, Jeremiah Smith and the Building Chairman, Dr. U. W. Watkins, Jr.

The members moved into the new Hall in January 1993. This was an important development since the Lodge previously rented meeting space until 1960 when land was purchased and paid for over the next five years. An unused Church building was purchased and moved to the present address, 429 West Street and served as the Lodge Hall until construction began on the present Hall.

During the time from the early 1940’s until present, Ever Ready Lodge # 506 has been a viable and noticeable force in Fort Bend and surrounding Counties. The Lodge conducts Voter Registration drives and used its’ Hall as Headquarters for such. Scholarships are given to graduating high school students.

Donations have been made to Richmond State School, the Senior Citizens of Richmond, Rosenberg and Sugar Land, the Robert C. Tate Center, the Ft Bend County Women’s Shelter of Richmond, and other cities and towns in the area. Membership is made of men who truly seek more knowledge in Masonry.

There are many 32nd and 33rd Degree members in Ever Ready Lodge # 506. Other Brothers also belong to the various organizations of Women in Masonry. Most of our members belong to the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine; Doric Shrine Temple # 76 of Houston. Over forty members have joined the York Rite Masons and many have held an elected office. As of October 2007, there are over 150 Members on the mailing list of Ever Ready Lodge # 506.

Ever Ready Lodge # 506 is a subordinate Lodge of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas and its Jurisdiction. The Grand Lodge of Texas was organized in 1875 and owes its allegiance to the formation of the African Lodge # 429 in Boston, MA; which was organized by our first Grand Master, Prince Hall. We celebrate this occasion on the Sunday closest to the 13th day of September every year.

The Dignitaries from Ever Ready Lodge # 506 are: Thomas H. Routt – Grand Master 1987-1993; Sherman Wilson – Right Worshipful Grand lecturer, 1985 – 1993; Herman L. Gabriel – Deputy Grand Master 1994-1999, Right Eminent Grand Commander, 1995 –1997, and recently appointed Honorary Grand Master 2007; Dr. U. W. Watkins, Jr. – Grand Medical Director 1990 – present; Willie H. Coleman – Grand Legal Advisor 1994 – Present and Grand Senior Warden, 2003 – present; Jeremiah Smith – District Deputy Grand Master of District 16, 1994-2005 and present Deputy Grand Chaplin; James E. Hooper – District Deputy Grand Master of District 16, 1999 – 2001 and current Special District Deputy Grand Master of District 16; Sam Hobbs, Jr. – Grand Auditor 1994 – present; Clarence B. Douglas – District Deputy Grand Master of District 16, 2007- present. Some of the preceding, as well as other Lodge members, have held other Grand Lodge offices or have served on Grand Lodge committees.

Other members of the Lodge who have held community, civic, religious, and other positions of trust are hereby mentioned: Medical Profession: Dr. Parnell Avery; Dr. Paris Bransford, Dr. Robert Galloway, Dr. U. W. Watkins, Jr., Dr. James C. Eatson, Dr. Timothy Anderson, Dr. William A. Kern, Dr. James C. Watson, and Dr. Lewis. Judges: Judge Joel Clouser, Congressman Al Green, Judge Cecil Bush, Judge John Peavy, Rev. Bill Lawson, Judge Michael R. Fields, Magistrate Judge Calvin Botley,Judge Harrison Gregg, Jr. and Judge Fad Wilson.

Others of notable mention are: State Representative District 142 – Harold V. Dutton, Jr.; City of Houston Health Director – Dr. James C. Watson; Law Enforcement: Fort Bend County – Constable Ruben Davis; Deputy Troy Mayfield, Lt. Gary Majors; City of Wharton – Sr. Patrolman Donald Chaney. City of Houston – Sgt. Clarence Douglas and Sgt. Ruben Anderson (Houston Homicide Division), Officer A. J. Mark – Solo Patrol. There are 44 Lawyers, 5 Law Firms, and 14 independent businesses associated with Ever Ready Lodge.

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