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TWEF hosts Men’s Component: Finances in Business and Family Seminar

The TWEF hosted the Men’s Component Seminar “Finances in Business and Family” at the Empowerment Community Center located in North Houston at 8333 Sweetwater Lane.

Irvin Ashford, VP of public affairs for Comerica Bank along with guest speakers; R.G. Thomas, James Adams, Bernard Johnson and George Russell instructed participants on how to better manage their investments, gave helpful solutions to money issues and expert advice on how to resolve the all too common credit dilemmas facing men today. Workbooks, advice and motivational talks were given out and well received. Some of the participants had this to say:

” Money is extremely important in navigating how we interact within mainstream society. Comerica’s vision is that we are in business to help people be successful. As part of that vision, it’s my mission to bring ideas to the table that create opportunities for Comerica to reach out to the community” – Irvin Ashford

“I think a lot of people are here today because they want to make money. Some points that were missing is that each of us here put God first and understand the importance of healthy drive and spirit but the big picture is that if we pool our money and educate ourselves to make that money work for us with the same positive attitude to take care of one another then the money goes back into you and you are able to give back into the community and the process grows and you’re able to give more. A lot of us try to do this ourselves. This men’s component is a wonderful thing… This is the start of something incredible. Within this group we have bankers, advertising and marketing executives, investors, etc…. you don’t have to be knowledgeable in every area, just be knowledgeable in what you do.” – Publisher Paul Poloe

” In an instant world we begin to think that the world is easy. It sets us up for failure. Here’s what I know- you can make it in whatever you try to do. …I’m just a country boy from Louisiana and if I can do it so can you. Stay with it. We fail because of two things. One is that we chose the wrong career. You’ve got to make your career choice based on something love to do. The second reason we fail is because we are not up to the challenge. Stay Focused. Everything that can happen will happen, and believe me it will happen. I like to think of our journey as a marathon runner. The problem with that is that you’ve got some time to think. For a sprinter the race is over in three or four seconds. You’ve got to think while you’re in that marathon, ‘I’ve got too many years in this to look back.’ Let nothing stop you from the goal. Never give up. I dont care how bad it is. I don’t care how bad it looks today. Don’t look back.” – R.G. Thomas, Arrest-A-Pest

” You change your attitude and the world will change around you. We’re just trying to give some helpful advice and a little insight.” – George Russell

To find out how you can participate in this dynamic seminar or for more information about TWEF please go to

image-1: David Williams with Bernard Johnson
image-2: Paul Poloe
image-3: James Adams
image-4: TWEF owner Deavra A. Daughtry, Irvin Ashford
image-5: Tyrone Evans with George Russell
image-6: James L. Watson, R.G. Thoimas, Dexter B. Upshaw and Leo Thomas

To view more photographs from this event please click here.

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