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Former Houston Mayors gather in support of the HISD bond proposal

Former Houston Mayors Fred Hofheinz, Bob Lanier, and Lee Brown; Commissioners El Franco Lee and Sylvia Garcia; Senators Rodney Ellis and Mario Gallegos; Mayors Bob Kelly of West U and Cindy Seigel of Bellaire all met with Superintendent Saavedra about the plans he and HISD Trustees have brought forward for the final phase of the rebuilding program for schools which began a decade ago.
Like others in the community, the leaders all urge Superintendent Saavedra and District Trustees to continue to listen, to take seriously the suggestions for adjustments which are sensible and can be made without altering the plan’s basic mission. However, the leaders all believe this to be a good plan and will prove to be most beneficial to the communities of HISD.

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