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Voice Actor Scott McNeil Speaks @ Oni Con 2007

Transcription of Q&A at Panel Discussion
Scott McNeil’s Filmography

…For some reason, I did Scooby Doo, and that was another, like, you know,
‘Do you wanna have cultured message;…Do something dark and broody. If you wanna have fun; put on a rubber head and play with a talking dog.

I’d still rather do cartoons, you know, sixteen hours a day on set, or…two hours in a studio where you don’t even have to bathe, or get dressed, for the most part.

Gimme Cartoons any day!

[Q:] If you could trade places with any of the characters that you’ve done, who would it be?

[A:] I don’t know, I mean, they would all be…just…you know, cuz’.
Somebody told me, and this one was a tough one to swallow, apparently cartoons aren’t real, and sometimes rabbits don’t talk, I mean they do to me, but..

[audience] You too?

[A:] Oh yeah! Two of the blue pills, one of the green pills, two of the blue pills, one of the green pills
Oops, I think I got it backwards. (laughing maniacally)

They would all be fun, I mean, who wouldn’t want to pilot a Gundam. Helloooo?

You ever watch a show called The Wacky World of Tex Avery? You remember Freddy the Fly? He was always fighting with the old, bent, spinster woman, Amanda Banshee? That was me. That’s why I like doing cartoons.

The movies, you walk in and it’s like ‘eh, he was alright, but his nose was exactly one-eighteenth of an inch too long. He didn’t look quite right for the role. Cartoons, Dude, if you can think it, if you can imagine it, if you can envision it…You can be it, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Whether I want to actually be an eighty-year-old sponge, … (scratching head, shrugs shoulders) And she was the richest woman in the world, so that had its benefits too.

I’m doing a show right now called Sushi Pack…and I play a small,
nonspeaking, but very vocal blob of wasabi.
[In Wasabi’s voice:] ‘Eehee doodoo dee doo deedeeleedoo doo doo teehee!’
You don’t get to do that much in real life. I’m way better at cartoons.
It’s like, ‘Why do you do cartoons?’ Cuz’ I have no other life skills.
Otherwise, I’d be spending all my time in a small, padded room, screaming.
‘Wait a minute, that’s exactly what I do!’…
‘Cept I get paid fer it – heheh.

[Q:] What was your favorite part about playing Papa HoHo?

[A:] Papa HoHo? Gettin’ to come down to Texas!
Honest to God that doesn’t usually happen, you know, the cross-border thing.
But Mike McFarland, God bless him, who is, like, the nicest man in showbiz’, and does all the common, you know, ‘Mike, if you’re here…’. When he gets it, he’s like ‘Okay, you know, there’s people that are, you know, like…’ He said ‘Would you be willing to come down and do a character? We’ve got a character on, on Alchemist that we’d like you to play.’

And I was, like, ‘Dude, you name it. When?’


‘Teehee. Let’s go.’ You know what’s weird about HoHo? Was, when I came down to do it, I had a beard, and I saw for the first time and I went: ‘…I could do that.’ Hair in a ponytail, few wisps, shave off the mustache…

…So if I make it back to AB, it will be my first foray into cosplay. But, yeah, I could do Papa HoHo.

…But, uh, you know, Hohenheim was, for my world of cartoons, which I tend to get the weirder characters, and Hohenheim was a chance, you know, it was probably as close as I’ve ever come to using my own voice. You know, being my own self in a cartoon? And it was all very subtle, it was like doing filmwork, it was like ‘It’s all in the eyes, man…It’s all in the eyes.’

And they were cool when I was down here they said: ‘Hey, while you’re here, you wanna do some stuff for Samurai Seven?’. And it was after doing my voices, and I had the deepest voice I’ve ever heard myself have in my life, that day. And they used it. People have heard it and gone, “Did they pitch you down?” and I was like No. I just had a really good voice day. Which happens.
Anyway he was cool because he was actually, very real, you know, you couldn’t sorta hide behind a lot of blather and B.S. which I have, arhump, been known to do. So it’s like sort of a challenge as an actor.
If you’ll forgive the term “actor” which is a term that I hate.

[Q:] Which characters did you most identify with and which did you not want to meet in a dark alley and why?

[A:] Haahaahahahha.

I’ve played some weird characters, man. I think the scariest ones are the ones from kid shows, man.
I worked on Hamtaro. God! Those things terrified me! Their beady little eyes, man! I would not want to run into a HamHam in a dark alley. [In Ham voice:] Bahdebahdebahba.
Them are weird.
I don’t know I did some fairly dark stuff too, I did a graphic web comic thing called Broken Saints but, you know, I’m used to doing cartoons so I was using some language and some ideology that was little outside of the realm of Pokemon if you can undastan’ wha’ I’m sayin’.

Closest to myself? …Oh I don’t know. Theoretically they’re all a part of my fractured self and some day somebody will amalgamate them and I’ll be cured, sane and unemployed.
Robin Williams said it best. [In Mr. Williams voice:] “Whoa, Dude, If I ever get cured… I’m screwed!”

So they all come from somewhere, Um, I dont know, probably like you know, whatever.
I have know idea who I am, so it makes it easier. I probably should have given you a much better answer than that but uh, [gasp] I can’t!

[Q:] If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

[A:] X-ray vision.
Think about it.
I like super powers. I often like to pretend that I do, but don’t ever pretend that you can fly. Im just saying…
I’ll think about that cuz’ they’re all pretty cool.

I’d like to fly actually. Its kind of boring and banal and simple but who wouldn’t.
I have flying dreams all the time.
Except I can never get more than four feet off ground and Im doing the breaststroke.
Flying is easy. All you gotta do is fall and then forget to hit the ground.

[Q:] What is the strangest question you’ve ever been asked?

[A:] What would I do if I was 535 feet tall.

[Q:] Have you ever used a character voice in public?

[A:] Oh yeah! I try not to.

I was grocery shopping once with my ex-wife and we were stuck, like, just stuck. It was like ‘God! There’s four thousand people here and we’ll be here all day!’ And she was like four aisles over and Im struggling to get to her and finally I just use this [low, growling Devil possessed voice:] ‘GET OUTTA MY WAY!’
The best part was that nobody saw me do it and everyone moved.

Sometimes it helps.

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