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African American Leaders Speak Out in Support of $805 Million HISD Bond – Senator Ellis, State Representatives Miles & Coleman

On October 11, 2007 Senator Rodney Ellis District 13, State Representative Borris L. Miles, District 146 and State Representative Garnet Coleman, District 147 announced support of the $805 million HISD bond at Evan E. Worthing Senior High School today.

After much criticism from segments of the African American community, spear-headed by State Representative Turner, three political leaders have stepped forward to explain the merits of the HISD program and endorse the district for taking brave moves to improve the overall infrastructure. The approval of the bond allows HISD to utilize bond funds to repair the schools; allowing reallocation of funds to address programming, teacher development and other needs of the district.

Worthing High School is one of the 134 schools that will receive renovations and repairs on its campus, should the bond pass. Specifically, Worthing is slated to receive $17.1 million for security upgrades, updates and improvements to the science labs. Twenty-two elementary and high schools in the South Region will receive approximately $79 million in renovations and repairs.

“The bond is good for Houston. In fact, the proposed bond will spend an average of $11,000 per student in both the Third and Fifth Wards, slightly over the district average of $7,500 per student. In light of the Cleveland, Ohio school incident I’m proud to live in a city and support a district that will invest $90 million in security on every campus in HISD,” states State Representative Borris L. Miles, District 146.

Failure to pass the bond will leave many schools in a desperate position and force the school district to seek alternative plans. The endorsement of the

$805 million bond will increase security in all HISD schools, update and improve all middle and high school science labs, build 24 new schools, expand, renovate and repair 134 schools all without an tax rate increase.

Parents and Teachers For Our Public Schools are committed to educating Houstonians on the merits of the bond. This is the last of a three-part plan to improve the infrastructure of the district.

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